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Are you ready to add your company photo to the growing list of 400,000 strong Mental Health First Aiders across Canada??


Mental Health First Aid - Basic

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence based program of the Mental Health Commission of Canada; this is a 2-day certificate course delivered across all types of workplaces.

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Feedback from Participants:

"Very good program that I feel everyone should be introduced to to enable understanding and de-stigmatize mental illness."

"Safe sharing space - Shelley created an environment that encouraged open dialogue but didn't make it mandatory."


"Very informative with good content! Shelley was a wonderfully patient instructor.  Very informed and well prepared."


"Lots of variety and exercises, very engaging Instructor."

"Excellent course. Wish it was mandatory for all Canadians."

"Excellent course.  Excellent Instructor. Will recommend to others!"


"This course is AMAZING! Not only delivered professionally, but interactive, making learning the material better."

"I would recommend this course to anyone and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge."

"Very informative. I am very glad to have finally taken this course to understand better the difference between mental illnesses and how to appropriately help someone."


"The case studies and follow up discussions were very beneficial - working through the situations and talking it through was very practical.  The videos were also helpful."

"Dispels the myths of mental health and gives confidence to those in the workplace."

"This was a great course and will help in both my professional and personal life.  I liked the honesty and non-judgmental way the information was presented."


Past clients include:

Ottawa Catholic School Board                            Canada Revenue Agency

Procter and Gamble                                               Ellis Don Corporation

CSE Consulting                                                        City of Brockville

Trillium HCP                                                              STEO

Brockville Fire Department                                   Fulford Academy

Canada Coast Guard                                               Metis Nation

Pathways to Independence                                   Renfrew Public Library

Eganville Seniors Centre                                         Canada Arts Council

Thomson Reuters                                                     HRPA

Mental Health Commission of Canada                Columbus House

Canada Research Council                                        Canadian Armed Forces


Why is Mental Health First Aid good for business?

Why is MHFA good for business?

Workplace first aid includes mental health.

Just as physical first aid is administered to an injured person before medical treatment can be obtained, MHFA is given until appropriate treatment is found or until the crisis is resolved.


a change in behaviour


with a confident conversation


to appropriate resources and support

  • In a recent major Canadian study, 82% of responding organizations ranked mental health conditions in their top three causes of short term disability (72% for long-term).
  • 30% of all short and long term disability claims are due to mental health problems and illnesses.
  • The average responding organization reported spending more than $10.5 million annually on absence claims.
  • In 2011, lost productivity due to absenteeism and presenteeism (present but less than fully productive at work) due to mental health problems and illnesses was approximately $6 Billion.

Outcomes of MHFA training:

  • Significantly greater recognition of the most common mental health illnesses and problems
  • Decreased social distance from people with mental health illnesses or problems
  • Increased confidence in providing help to others
  • Demonstrated increase in helpful actions
  • I have gained a greater awareness and understanding of Mental Health issues. I have also gained a confidence within myself as a professional to recognize, empathize and provide supports to individuals with mental health barriers.

Key benefits of a mentally healthy workplace:

  • Employers who set a strategic direction for improving mental health are rewarded with dramatic cost and effectiveness benefits, enjoying significant and sustainable enhancements in:
  • Productivity: Happy and psychologically healthy employees work harder and more efficiently.
  • Cost Savings due to Disability and Absenteeism: There is a strong link between mental health, physical well-being and injury prevention
  • Operational Success: Mentally healthy workplaces are characterized by higher levels of employee motivation, commitment, innovation and creativity, as well as fewer errors, better decision making and improved planning.
  • Recruitment and Retention: Top candidates today are looking for a workplace that supports their personal and professional growth.
  • Conflict Reduction: Better mental health among employees means fewer grievances and complaints and a stronger corporate reputation
  • Operational Success: Mentally healthy workplaces are characterized by higher levels of employee motivation, commitment, innovation and creativity, as well as fewer errors, better decision making and improved planning.

I highly recommend Corporate Well solutions. I attended a Mental Health First Aid Course in Brockville with instructor Shelley McCaffrey and I can't say enough positive things about both the instructor and the course.

Thank you, Shelley, for your support and understanding, it was greatly appreciated!

Tanya Hammond, Write Time

Mental Health First Aid Canada

More than 350,000 people in Canada are now trained in Mental Health First Aid. To commemorate this milestone W. Brett Wilson, Calgary-based energy entrepreneur, an investor and philanthropist with a dose of Dragons’ Den fame, has agreed to be the honorary 300,000th Canadian trained in MHFA. Wilson joins the ranks of mental health champions like Mrs. Sharon Johnston, wife of Canada’s former governor general, the 100,000th honorary trainee.

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