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The Mental Health First Aid Standard course is now being offered in an online version! It isa  2x3 hour live sessions with an Instructor, and a 2-hour self-guided session.  Each participant will receive a Certificate from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.  It is interactive, updated and so interesting!  Send me an email for more information at [email protected]

Mental Health First Aid Standard

July 19th and 20th

6pm to 9pm

$175 per Person


Mental Health First Aid Standard


August 2021

$175 per person


Mental Health First Aid Standard


September 2021

$175 per person


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Feedback from Participants:

"Very good program that I feel everyone should be introduced to to enable understanding and de-stigmatize mental illness."

"Safe sharing space - Shelley created an environment that encouraged open dialogue but didn't make it mandatory."


"Very informative with good content! Shelley was a wonderfully patient instructor.  Very informed and well prepared."


"Lots of variety and exercises, very engaging Instructor."

"Excellent course. Wish it was mandatory for all Canadians."

"Excellent course.  Excellent Instructor. Will recommend to others!"


"This course is AMAZING! Not only delivered professionally, but interactive, making learning the material better."

"I would recommend this course to anyone and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge."

"Very informative. I am very glad to have finally taken this course to understand better the difference between mental illnesses and how to appropriately help someone."


"The case studies and follow up discussions were very beneficial - working through the situations and talking it through was very practical.  The videos were also helpful."

"Dispels the myths of mental health and gives confidence to those in the workplace."

"This was a great course and will help in both my professional and personal life.  I liked the honesty and non-judgmental way the information was presented."


Past clients include:

Ottawa Catholic School Board                            Canada Revenue Agency

Procter and Gamble                                            

Ellis Don Corporation

CSE Consulting                                                       

City of Brockville

Trillium HCP                                                              


Brockville Fire Department                                   Fulford Academy

Canada Coast Guard                                               

Metis Nation

Pathways to Independence                                   Renfrew Public Library

Eganville Seniors Centre                                         Canada Arts Council

Thomson Reuters                                                     


Mental Health Commission of Canada                Columbus House

Canada Research Council                                        Canadian Armed Forces




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